CDFi has a lot of resources to share. Let me tell you about them.


Inside POINT 5 we have:

-free clothing
-books to borrow (hopefully you’ll bring them back someday, we know you will)
-free wireless Internet

We also have a “Share Book” which contains lists of free services and items that other individuals near and far are sharing.


CDFi maintains POINT 5 for its own events and for your events. If you would like to host an event at POINT 5 please contact us. You can email us a message on our contact page or come to one of our meetings.

Our meetings are every Wednesday at 7:30 PM at POINT 5 (383.5 Madison Avenue.)


2 Responses

  1. here I am! I’m the federationofideas librarything!

  2. Hi,

    I would be anxious to talk to someone from your organization to help me understand your demise. I really thought you were (and you were, and are) the cutting edge for local arts creativity in center square. At least that was my view. I was visited by two people from oyur group some time agao and was greatly impressed. Please call me. I’d love to talk.

    -Paul Stewart
    Capital District Community Loan Fund

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