CDFi is no more

Be well, Albany.

CDFi is silence.

After the 15th of December, all communication to CDFi will go unanswered.

We will lose our domain,, but all other online presences will exist until the respective services deactivate them for idleness.

An addendum from Thomas, who worked so hard to bring vitality to our city:

As of January 1st, I will be relocating in New York City to seek some newer, greyer, pastures.


Plagiarized from a local business owner:

To run a business or space successfully you have to avoid:

-having a small space
-having esoteric events/appeal
-having to rent your building

If you have one of the above list items you’ll be OK.  If you have two or more you’ll be significantly hardshipped.

CDFi had a great run; make sure to put it down in the 2000 – 2010 chapter of Albany history.  I learned that you have pace yourself in your activities and vision.  Dylan B. said that burnout will happen if you try and do too much.

Things I’ve learned running a nonprofit:
-Don’t try to build from scratch right away–see what you can glom off of.  What’s the point of going it on your own?
-Your mission statement is a very important document.  Stay to its vision and revise it if necessary.  Make sure group members are connected with its purpose.
-Make the hard and thankless labor fun!


2 Responses

  1. I’m sad to see CDFI go. You worked very hard and I hope you feel very proud of all the work you did. Starting an organization takes vision and a lot of work. You guys did a great job. The experiences you had, the people you met and the artists who got to thrive did so because you were there to support them. Best wishes for the future! Elaine

    New book: How to be on time for everything
    Available on

  2. […] The organization will end and all of its websites will go silent as of December 15 according to a post on the blog.. Thom Wilks, one of the main organizers of the group, is headed for “greyer pastures” […]

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