Democratic Work!–or is it socialism?

Many wonderful organizations work in the Capital District, ie. Sanctuary for Independent Media, Grand Street Arts, Capital District Gay and Lesbian Center, Troy/Albany Bike Rescue etc., etc. However, every group maintains their own set of mailing lists and calendars.  Those contact informations are at the foundation of a group’s growth, but keeping it all to oneself means the duplication of effort.

I am not, now, proposing the open sharing of each group’s member/participants list.  We would need to obtain permission of everyone already on the lists since no one signed up expecting the wide propagation of their contact information.

The open sharing of events, of program updates, and of general reflective writings should be fairly worthwhile and easy to accomplish.  As always, we simply need the will.  Some groups already accept open submissions, ie CDGLCC and the Honest Weight Coop, but the ease and wide propagation of these publications could be pushed further.

So to readers of this blog, please contact the management of whatever organization with which you patronage.

Let the information (knowledge) flow.


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