On August.

I’m starting to be able to have some perspective on reflection of what happened in the last two years that the CDFi group actively functioned in POINT 5.  Now that the POINT 5 storefront has been vacated and the landlord has replaced the POINT 5 sign with his FOR RENT sign some new realitites are beginning to set in.  For instance, it was damn great to be able to have a room where you could host nearly any type of event in, and have access to that room 24/7.  People I see out are also starting to tell me similar stories.  I think the main difference between this and Miss Mary’s is that we aren’t looking for a new space, and can at least rest knowing that this phase of this project is done.  I have a laundry list of things I’d do in the next arts organization that I’d become part of, but for now I’m pleased with how long POINT 5 lasted (two years) and that a bunch of mostly 20-somethings kept it together for that long.


2 Responses

  1. Hello, What brought an end to Point Five and what will be planned in its absence?

  2. hiii erik!

    1. no money brought an end to POINT 5
    1.1. situations stacked up against CDFi suggesting that POINT 5 would not survive:
    1.1.1. we did not own building, we had funky events that weren’t accessible to the most common denominator crowd, and at least a couple other things

    2. nothing is “planned” post-point 5

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