Events: Grant Street Community Arts

Friends and neighbors:

We have some neighborhood and GSCA dates coming up that you will want
to be part of. The fall schedule (as I know it) is below. We need
some extra hands, so here are ways you can help:

— The Bread Oven lot and the corner lot need a lot of tender loving
care. We are part way through pulling weeds in the Bread Oven lot,
and the rest is pretty obvious. The corner lot weeds have been
whacked down enough so a mower can work. Next the whole lot needs to
be picked up, and then kept an eye on. Finally, my electric mower is
available to make the whole thing look pretty. What we found tromping
around in the weeds is that there is stuff planted all over; the
people who did the planting will hopefully come in and tend their
beds so it’s more obvious what needs to be left alone by the mowers.
There are squash to be harvested, I noticed. This all needs to happen
before the Sept. 7 Mansion House and Garden tour, which features both
the bread oven and St. Anthony’s.

— St. Anthony’s also needs more attention inside and out. Please,
when you pass by pick up whatever bottles and other trash you see —
it really works much better to keep that space picked up so that
people don’t get the idea it’s okay to just leave their garbage
there. We can put in some fall plants once NiMo fills in their holes.

— On the day of the house and garden tour, Sunday noon to 5 p.m.,
we need some people who will be “docents” at the lot and at St.
Anthony’s, and we also want to show off our summer programs that day.
Please let me know if you can give us an hour or two. And a baker
would be great too!

— Most importantly, our big night is coming Sept. 12. Jeff and Emily
are looking for some folks to help with the Boarded Up closing
reception and auction. This includes set-up, bartending, working the
door, and cleaning up after the festivities. They also need help in
the next two weeks to hang the show and the week of to get the space
spruced up. Then of course the night of. Contact Emily at 605-0031 or Or Jeff at 229-3356 or

Tom McPheeters
(518) 433-0679

GSCA Calendar for Fall 2008

Sept. 5 — First Friday. We’re not in it this time, but we need to
circulate invitations to Boarded Up that evening. So people who are
planning to go anyway (this is their gala event of the year) should
be armed with our invites and distribute them liberally.

Sept. 6 — Giffen Elementary Back to School Day. Opportunity for
tabling if anybody is free that day.

Sept. 7 — Mansion NA House and Garden Tour. Both St. Anthony’s and
the Bread Oven lot are on the tour, and this is a great opportunity
to educate people about GSCA and our programs and progress on St.
Anthony’s (think money!).
For St. Anthony’s, issues are outside cleanup, docents (bodies to
help direct traffic, answer questions, etc.), and presentations on
St. Anthony’s, YO, Youth FX and Grand Street Kids Club. We will host
Tony Opalka’s slides show on neighborhood history (including St.
Anthony’s) at 2 and 4 p.m.
For the Bread Oven lot, issues are cleanup (including the lower lot),
starting the oven fire a couple of hours prior to the tour, and
someone to be the baker and provide brief explanations as to how the
oven works and how it was built.
Sept. 10 — GSCA board meeting, 6:30 at St. Anthony’s. We’ll use this
meeting to prepare for Boarded Up and the retreat.

Sept. 12 — Boarded Up — the big auction! Jeff and Emily are the
leaders, and they can use lots of help, before, during and after, so
please contact them. This is shaping up to be our most important
event of the year.

Sept. 13 — College of Saint Rose student volunteer day, 9 a.m. to 1
p.m. We need one or two leaders to direct projects.

Sept. 14 — GSCA Retreat. A time to reflect on the past year, plan for
next year. For board members, program staff and active friends. 10
a.m. to 4 p.m., Rainbow Camp (weather permitting).

Sept. 20 — Women’s Day at St. Anthony’s. Donnell is planning
afternoon, evening events for women in conjunction with a Grand
Street block party during the day. More to come.

Oct. 17, 18 and 19 — Karen Christina Jones has reserve the space for
“Agnes of God,” directed by her. Dates under review.


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