Boarded Up!

Friday September 12 at 5pm

Grand Street communityARTS invites you to a closing exhibition of the boardedUP community art project.

Friday September 12 at 5pm (silent auction begins at 6pm)

At street level, the diverse and compelling art of boardedUP is engaging and accessible to the many residents and passers-by of a busy downtown intersection.

The boardedUP exhibition has featured 40 artists across 5 months.

All works from BoardedUP were donated by the artists and will be available for silent auction. Funds raised from the auction will be used to support future communityART projects.

Friday August 1st. Enjoy the art! Celebrate the artists!
Show that you support communityARTS!

Grand Street Community Arts
Grand St. @ Madison Ave.
Albany, NY

more on boarded up-

The artists of Boarded Up!

alisa sikeleanos
ally kirby
barbara shema
benj gleeksman
cashu FOE
demetrius dickerson
derek revella
dylan boyce
eileen cheong
g.g. roberts
gabrielle becker
james van duyn
jamie courcelle
kat peters
laura travison
lauren jacobs
liberation please
marcus kwame anderson
mark gregory
melissa marceau
michelle legget
nicole martin
pasquale littlejohn
peter amorosa & leigh cummings
r. iannacone
rebecca schoonmaker
scout + stain
steven rolf kroeger
tashi palden
warren macmillan


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