Is CDFi Necessary?

There’s always a start-up cost to most things in life.  The start-up cost to compete against the likes of Boeing or Airbus is damningly daunting.  Note that both Airbus and Boeing require heavy government subsidies and that Airbus was until the past few years, a joint venture between several European governments.

Therefore, the amount of capital–in all its forms–needed to enter the highly technical and specialized aerospace industry guarantees few if any new participants.  However, even this “extreme” example of start-up cost is not so apt anymore.  With the creation of “venture funds” such as X-Prize in the aerospace field, some aspects of the cost are lowered–if just enough for more participants.

The same start-up costs must be dealt with in non-profit work as well.  Now to reiterate the question: Why doesn’t CDFi just volunteer for other local non-profits?  Why bother to organize and host yet another non-profit?  To state an extreme position, why doesn’t everyone just volunteer for a single non-profit, one called “Venti Volunteer Venues?”

We took the time to obtain our 501(c)3 status because we provided a forum for events and ideas that other groups did not offer.  These ideas and events have not been of interest to some, but the multiple group formations that collective action can sustain does not necessitate an end battered by inter-group rivalries seen amongst gangs.

CDFi is not out to compete in the manner of Boeing and Airbus or of Latin Kings and Crypts. Furthermore without the need to pay a rent, our focus on community and our aspirations for collective action can get the focus it needs.  Money always seems to be a constricting factor–in aerospace, in film, in music, etc.  There’s only so much foundation money or grant money that can be doled out; there’s only so much in the national treasury.  Money may be one way to organize goods and behavior, but it’s not the only value affecting our minds and hearts.  Bill Gates has termed it “creative capitalism.”  I don’t want to critique that term in this entry, but I do offer a challenge to the community:

Note your and your friends’ complaints about Albany (or their life if you’re ambitious), and then leave CDFi a video report (via Youtube) or just leave a reply to this post.  We can match your interests in change to those of our other members and then provide the formal introductions.

To start us off, here’s what I’m thinking about and working on:

  1. Get together for local college pride groups and local pride non-profits.  The more students are pushed to break the feet dragging walk between bed, class, and cafeteria the better their education.
  2. Monthly “Kraft Derby” at the Albany Art Room–akin to “Queen Bee.”

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  1. I have decided to leave comments to my own entries since no one else leaves me responses.

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