On Fridays, The New York State Museum, Man Study, and Squid Vicious.

It’s Friday and Marissa and I headed down to the New York State Museum in lieu of further pursuing the Keep Talking, Genius showcase grant project.  We’ve temporarily suspended work on the grant because right now the Federation of Ideas is in physical flux and we’re only planning to exist in hyperspace for a little while. 

Marissa and I have been talking about the Brain Drain of the Capital District, and of US cities in general, and she’s been digging up some great info on the topic.  For instance, it is mostly cities in the US sunbelt that are experiencing growth.  With the exception of NYC, most of the cities that have experienced population growth are located in Florida, Texas, Arizona, and Southern California.  Fifty years ago, the biggest American cities were within 500 miles of the Canadian border.  Old industrial, cold weather towns are out.  Upstate New York cities like Rochester, Syracuse, and Albany all have experienced population drops by fractions of percentage points.  Buffalo, however, has shrunk the fastest, having lost almost 6% of its population since 2000. 

So that’s why we were interested in pursuing this grant project; it is called “Keep Talking, Genius,” and it would be ten artist residencies to showcase the substantial talents of Capital District geniuses in the areas of film, music, and visual arts.  However, the project has temporarily been shelved as we’ve lost some wind in our sails in the last weeks.  Hmpf.

ANYWAY, back to the music.  OK.

The library computer is telling me that I am seriously running out of time.  I took a moment to read a Moldy Peaches interview from 2001 in a copy of SQUID VICIOUS that someone left on the POINT 5 door.  I like that people leave lots of weird and cool stuff at POINT 5 and I think that will be one of the biggest things I’ll miss about it.  Like the time someone left two giant SKY POSTERS on the step and we staple-gunned them to the ceiling of POINT 5. 

So we were starting to collect a lot of zines in the space because recently for some reason more were being dropped off.  Matto dropped off some old Miss Mary’s Art Space SCREED papers that were pretty rad.  We need more Miss Mary’s now.

Next time I want to write about the talks I had with Travis at our Privilege discussion group. 

Long live Friday and long live lunch.


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