Grant writing, part deux.

This is THE 100th post on the CDFI blog(!) AND my first post as the official Capital District Federation of Ideas Summer Intern ’08. To begin, Marissa in abstract form: I’m a college student living in Albany; I read (seriously, at this point I either need to invest in at least two more bookshelves or just start adopting them out to loving homes) I write, I prefer intellectual pursuits over organized sports; I like cats over dogs, I like purple better than all the other colors; Dislikes include spelling errors and summer (the best thing it has going for it at this point is the abundance of frozen treats) as I prefer cool weather apparel and school in session! Dork. This is becoming all too self-indulgent.

So I’ve spent the last few weeks meeting with Thom and other very cool CDFI people, checking out the cool digs at Point 5, absorbing everything. Then yesterday T and I went on an outing to the NYS Library where grant-researching occurred. Panic ensued. No, not really. I am learning how to write grants in all their many parts, and research foundations to submit them to, which is quite a project, but still fun. We got off to a good start. There is an amazing amount of money out there just waiting to be given to our worthy cause—the Keep Talking, Genuis showcase of the brilliant artists of Albany, which Thom mentioned in an earlier post. It is a great concept for community arts and will be even greater with proper funding. So, please give us money.


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