On grant writing.

Today Jia-Jia and I went to a grant writing seminar at the Troy Arts Center.  We are in the process of writing a grant that would be a showcase of creative talent in the Capital District.  In short, the funded project would be a project benefiting the community that relates to “the arts.”

(Here is Jia-Jia having a four berry shake at Shake Shake Mama’s:)



Until recently, I’ve had a big problem with people appending “the arts” to all of these community initiatives.  “The arts” often in my mind is linked with many different middle-class-isms and is usually more elitist and individualistic than community-minded.  However, there have been many things in Albany that have helped me reassess this term.  The “Boarded Up” exhibit is a good example, I think, of “a project benefiting the community that relates to the arts.”

I think Albany now finally has a “arts” scene, rather than an “art” scene.  The music scene has ebbed a bit with the disappearance of local music venues, (think Valentine’s, Quintessence, and Miss Mary’s all used to be on the same block), and in turn visual arts venues have become a bit more apparent.  Additionally, film projects taking place in conjunction with the Sanctuary for Independent Media bolster a community of filmmakers we have across our region.  The multiple disciplines of our arts are on more of an equal level of visibility–I think music in past years has been the primary focus of “the arts,” but now visual art and film seem to have caught up.

Anyway, who can keep a barometer on it.

Which brings me to a general statement of: we are working on a grant to showcase artists in music, film, and visual arts.  It will fly under the banner of Keep Talking, Genius.  Speaking of which, EPISODE TWO OF KEEP TALKING, GENIUS is complete.  It is with Sparrow.  I’d like to write more about Sparrow soon.

Part One:

Part Two:


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