Why Everyone Should Come to Our Weekly Meeting This Wednesday

Our weekly meetings are at 383.5 Madison Ave, 7:30

  1. Thom and Jia-Jia seriously cleaned out the back room. CDFi now has 50% more space.
  2. Jia-Jia is bringing watermelon and oranges.
  3. We have air conditioning.
  4. We have coffee and Stash tea.
  5. It’s really fun.
  6. We can grab a be(a)r afterwards.
  7. Help make Albany a better place to live.
  8. Check out Jia-Jia’s fixed bike.
  9. Check out Jia-Jia.

Please vote for your favorite reason in the comments.

Results will be announced by Friday.


One Response

  1. Checkin on Jia-Jia- he’s soooo hot!

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