On Sparrow.

Yesterday, Janet Hamill, Tom Devaney, and Sparrow gave readings at POINT 5 and it was quite delicious.  In one half-hour I will meet Sparrow and do an interview with him (KEEP TALKING, GENIUS goes out into the field).  Here are some pre-interview questions:

Proverbs: At night, all milk turns black (a proverb that Sparrow wrote): What changes color in Albany at night?

A cow won’t buy milk: What won’t you buy in Albany?

Construct three sentences about where we are now.

Where did you go to Law School?

What is the greatest weakness of your current presidential campaign?

Describe your style of leadership.

If you could change places with one person, who would it be?

What is is like having a “reader” made out of  your writings?  Were you flattered?  Offended?

What is the next word you’ll invent?

How will you end the war?

Would you ever have sex with an ant again?

What advice would you give to community college freshmen who would like to improve their writing?


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