Ingenuity: Tinkering, Creativity, and Making Mistakes

This post comes from reading the following websites:

  • Watch Sir Ken Robinson’s and Johnny Lee’s talk

One part of CDFi’s mission is to help Albany citizens execute their ideas, whether they be of musical, theatrical, political, culinary, etc nature. In bringing people together from across other civic organizations, neighborhoods, or even across the road, we want to make Albany into an exciting and thriving place to live.  It’s great that Albany is getting so much money for nanotech and biotech, but as Simon Sneed has said, it’s not fun hanging out at the gene splicer machine.  I would add that drinking until your mental awareness reaches stupidity falls into the same category.  Really, I don’t understand how bars continuously get so much business. Hang out at exhuberantly creative CDFi instead–and put your beer money into our donation box.

CDFi hopes to nurture sentiments described in this Discover magazine article:

Do your theories help with raising your kids, or does that also seem like two different worlds?
The overlap with the kids is great because they ask the same questions I do. I did a presentation about space for my son Alexander’s preschool when he was 4. I showed them videos of the moon landing and brought in a rocket. Then one little kid put up his hand and said: “I have a question. Does space end or go on forever?” I was like, “Yeah, that is exactly what I am thinking about now.”

Many difficult questions still need to be explored.

Here are other fun ideas:

  • a community arboretum
  • hydroponics
  • city-wide ultimate frisbee, soccer, or basketball get together
  • convince all Netflix subscribers to donate their subscription fee to Albany Public Library
  • work with Habitat for Humanity to renovate the numerous condemned houses in Arbor Hill
  • a city-wide bike share program
  • advocate for bike lanes
  • host a crafts evening at CDFi

I don’t sympathsize with people who exclaim that Albany is boring or more generally, “I’m bored!”–especially for the guys who never leave chat and have the word “bored” in their bio line. Our lives here can be so much richer and lusher, but nothing will change without collective action.

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