On The Queen Bee.

If you didn’t know, CDFi will be hosting a Queen Bee at OH BAR this Wednesday evening. It starts at 9 PM, is at OH BAR (304 Lark Street) and is free to play.

I once had a chance to help host the Seattle Spelling Bee with my friend Josh in a low lit bar that catered to a mixed crowd, not really gay or straight. The patrons of the Seattle Bee were mostly serious spellers, and were in it to win it, plus or minus.

Nearly everyone I’ve fliered or solicited for Albany’s QUEEN BEE has stated that they are a horrible speller. Well, we’ll have things for those people too. In fact, we’ll have a couple prizes for horrible spellers, and the worst speller of all will receive a terribly dumb prize. The last place prize is so amazingly bad I’m not sure we can even get it. It is in the possession of someone who has been holding this bad prize for so long for a contest where losers are glorified. But I don’t want to talk so much about how the bad spellers will be made to feel better about themselves…it’s the good spellers who are going to step up onto that tiny vainglorious platform at OH BAR, take that microphone, ignore the heckling, correctly spell “labeled” or “quaquaversal.”


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