25 Questions with me.

Your deal (Whatever makes you notable in Albany – official titles, activities, bands, etc):

I’ve played in a buncha bands that have been made fun of for their names.  I do other stuff too.

What’s your favorite take-out food?

Seitan products from Empire Wok on Delaware Ave.

What is your favorite season, and why?

Fall, duh.  For jackets and feeling spooky.

In your view, how far out does the Capital Region extend?

Troy, Schenect, Albannooo.  Don’t get to visit Saratoga much, so it’s often missing my radar.

What’s your favorite cover of a Bob Dylan song?

Ksonin doing The Hurrincane.

Transcribe the last text you sent or received, whichever is better:

yr mom is here at oh bar i think.

Where is your favorite spot in Albany?

I like the mini park at the end of Hudson on the plaza.

What’s your drink?

Right now Coconut Rum, as such.

What’s the lowest-brow thing you watch on TV?

Celebrity Death Match?

Well I don’t get to talk about TV much.  I love Picket Fences and the XFiles.

Who was the last local band to completely knock you out?

What’s your all-time best score at a garage sale?

Tiny bottles?

What’s your favorite quote from The Big Lebowski?

I’ll blow you for $100, or something like that.

What local oddity do you wish the whole world knew about?

I saw a new guy losing his shit last night outside Scratch Bakery.  He was new.

Make a list with five items on it:

Personal phobias:
the semen lasso

When was your last trip to the mall?

Yesterday with a friend to Deja Vu.  Won’t tell you why.

What is your most comfortable pair of shoes?

White loafers.

Brunch: pro or con?

Pro like a con.

What do you do on Sunday nights?

Practice in a tiny 140 degree tiny tin room.  Tiny.  In an area closely resembling a concentration camp.

What is your favorite national-media reference to Albany?

Most stress-free city.

Who is your favorite cartoon character from your youth?

Space Ghost Coast to Coast (adolescence).

Create a slogan for an ironic shirt:


What’s the last book you read?


What’s your favorite best-kept Albany secret?

How many people will go home with you at OH BAR if you just show up at 345 AM.

What is your most frequently misspelled word?

irrelavint.  HEY we’re having a spelling bee this wednesday.

In your opinion, what is the hardest video game ever made?

BATTLETOADS.  Just try and get past that speeder cart thing board.  LIKE 3rd level??

What one thing do you most want to say to Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings?

Bring on the Monorail???


One Response

  1. Do I want to know what the semen lasso is?

    It sounds… sticky, yet my interests are now piqued.

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