Help Set a Guinness Record

I am a huge technology nut. If my teachers found out how much time I have spent reading technology articles and news, they might hesitate to accept my application for the Masters’ program.

Nevertheless, I want to share my enthusiasm about one of my favorite technology innovators.

Mozilla will be releasing Firefox 3.0 in June after several years of work.  3.0 is a very good improvement–boasting enhanced security, native-OS implementation, and speed.

For their release day, Mozilla wants to set a Guinness World Record–in number of downloads.  See the following page:

Mozilla is a leader in open-source and standards compliance.  They have helped to challenge Microsoft’s austerity and defiance of voices outside their executive suites.

Pledge to download Firefox 3.0 and help yourself to a wonderful internet experience.

Mozilla has released a Release Candidate 1 version of Firefox 3.0 and plans a second release candidate in a week or two.  Don’t let the RC1/RC2 status deter you.  All applications ship with “bugs.”

RC1 is absolutely stable and safe enough to use as your primary browser, and the browser will notify you of any updates. Here’s the download page:


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