25 Questions Answered by Mike Keegan.

The Mike Keegan Fest goes on.

Name: Mike Keegan
Age: 25
Your deal: I’ve played in bands and generally been that person who looks familiar for years and years and years.

What’s your favorite take-out food?
Sushi House? Let’s just go with that.

What is your favorite season, and why?
I like the autumn. It gets darker out earlier and you can listen to This Mortal Coil a little less self consciously.

In your view, how far out does the Capital Region extend?
Let’s say the top of Columbia County to the tip of Lake George?

What’s your favorite cover of a Bob Dylan song?
Lincoln Money Shot’s utterly definitive version of “Rue Morgue Avenue”.

Transcribe the last text you sent or received, whichever is better:
From Kevin Flansburg – “Mister Lonely is on my crazy OnDemand cable, so now I can tape it! I also posted the soundtrack on ———- if you care or don’t have it already.”

Where is your favorite spot in Albany?
Right in front of the SKY WAGON painting in the Concourse.

What’s your drink?
I really like beer. Tom Collins are great in the summer, it’s like the WASP’s margarita.

What’s the lowest-brow thing you watch on TV?
I am going to preface this by saying the most annoyingly high brow thing I can – I don’t have tv. Zing! But I guess the most I-know-it’s-bad-but-I-watch-it-anyway program is Heroes. Something about that show is simultaneously interesting and deeply retarded.

Who was the last local band to completely knock you out?
That’s a hard question. After like five years of constantly and consistently great, interesting new bands I think this town has been in a musical slump for quite a while. So I have a couple answers to this question. The last band that played frequently that I unabashedly loved was Brevator. The last new band that knocked me out but then never played again was The Clumps (from Band Olympics last year). I’ve heard the Chlorine tape and it’s really awesome, but I haven’t seen them yet.
Oh, but also I guess the best local show I saw recently was Small Axe a couple of months ago. They’ll always knock you out.

What’s your all-time best score at a garage sale?
I’ve never had much luck at garage sales, actually. Thanks for bringing that up.

What’s your favorite quote from The Big Lebowski?
“Eight year olds, dude.”

What local oddity do you wish the whole world knew about?
The ice cream truck warehouse across the river.

Make a list with five items on it:
My favorite broken guitar paraphernalia – 1.) black Sovtek Big Muff, 2.) Digitech PDS 8000 Echo +, 3.) Goya Panther II, 4.) Univox Les Paul copy, 5.) huge black off-brand 16″ bass cabinet.

When was your last trip to the mall?

What is your most comfortable pair of shoes?
My gray Onitsuka Tigers.

Brunch: pro or con?
Definitely pro.

What do you do on Sunday nights?
Practice, Drink

What is your favorite national-media reference to Albany?
Broadening this a little bit, probably that the new Charlie Kaufman movie is called Synecdoche, New York and is about Schenectady.

Who is your favorite cartoon character from your youth?
I’ve always loved Panthro from Thundercats.

Create a slogan for an ironic shirt:
I’m not going to answer this one.

What’s the last book you read?
The Cold Six Thousand by James Ellroy

What’s your favorite best-kept Albany secret?
I think they’re all pretty out in the open since I mentioned the ice cream truck warehouse.

What is your most frequently misspelled word?
I’ve never spelled a word incorrectly.

In your opinion, what is the hardest video game ever made?
Cooking Mama, for Wii

What one thing do you most want to say to Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings?
Why do you do this to yourself?


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