We’ve got your events right here!

Ugh, Thursday morning, trying to plan what you’re going to do this weekend? Let us help you out.

Tonight: Mad Dog in the Streetz 8pm to 11pm

While everyone else is in the park, sipping champaign and eating chocolates, we’ll be at POINT 5 enjoying some boxed wine, forties and Arbor Mist. Admission is $4 for all the bottom shelf tasting you can bring yourself to try. More info to follow as this kicks off Tulip Fest and a weekend of CDFI awesomeness! Can you say Bum Wine tasting?

Friday: Following Friday Concert Series: The Rev Records Human Mix Tape 7pm to 9pm

Come over and bring a song that you will describe, annotate, narrate, or explain. It can be a recorded song or a song that you will perform live (unplugged). Everyone shares a song. It will be excellent if you could bring some copy of the song to distribute for people to take home with them on some type of media. Donations welcome!

Saturday: Tulip Fest

We won’t be having a booth, but POINT 5 will be open. Come in a say hello and check out our wares.


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