finances and fundraising


CDFi has put out several urgent calls for donations to stave off our landlord, and it’s been remarkable how generous our friends can be. Thanks to everyone for believing in values of community, charity, love, and social justice.

Since getting our non-profit status, we’ve started putting more and more structure and predictability into our fundamentals, which, of course, include $$$.  In the past, our howls of desperation have come randomly, but we hope to secure a more reliable fundraising model with the following steps:

  • helpfulness of accounting software, fundraising software–we can get these programs at great disount prices via
  • a membership system, which would require a consistent level of donation
  • grants, grants, and more grants
  • feasibility of loans

CDFi staff have no prior experience in running a non-profit, but we’re committed to learning and having fun in the process.  There’s actually a mountain-load of literature about philanthropic governorship, and hopefully we won’t have to re-invent the wheel.

To conclude:

We hope to achieve more fiscal clarity and transparance.  Just this weekend, we signed up with an open-source online program called pledgie.  You can click on the icon to donate and to check our campaign’s progress.  In addition, pledgie allows CDFi to tell you how the money was spent.

We have about 355 subscribers to our newsletter.  If everyone contributed $2/month, we would have rent and utilities covered.

We have many fun ideas being tossed at our weekly board meeting (Wednesdays at 7:30).  Hint: scrabble; washington park; lark street; ice cream on bicycles.  Please add to the list.


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