We are cathartic?

Check out Bitch Magazine’s article on “The Shame Game” in the Winter 2008 issue. (I’d link, but they don’t publish every article on the site. Photocopies will be available at Wednesday’s meeting!)

Teenage journal nights are popping up all over. I think it’s because it’s so much better to laugh than cry about all the horrors of adolesence. And believe me, those tweenie years are hilarious if you really think about it. We children of the eighties had to deal with neon green, slap bracelets, side pony-tails, bubble skirts, New Kids on the Block, cliques straight from The Breakfast Club and cone bras.

(There’s a short list of things from the eighties that rock and cone bras might be on top of that list.)

Some might say that getting up in front of a group of people to read angst-ridden diary entries about lost teenage love is narcasistic. I say its cathartic. The same issues we dealt with way back then – wanting to fit in, wanting to be loved, wanting to be well thought of – are still being dealt with by us today. Leave the past behind – I’m talking to you Wal-mart bubble skirts, don’t care if YSL says they’re making a comeback!! – and chuckle over the things you wish you knew back then.

Our lovely host is Heather. She’ll be taking us back in time, a simpler time, when Ricky Martin hadn’t started off a solo career and we had yet to learn the hot dog dance, and when no one had DSL/Wireless/fiber optic internet. We’re going back when cell phones were larger than a breadbox and Captain Kirk was still sort of hot.

Let’s get nostalgic! What are your favorite moments from the 1980’s?

(Hint: Mine involve a certain spin off series with a hunk of a first office than ruined me. Thanks to William Riker, I loves me a man with a beard!)


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  1. i still don’t know the hot dog dance….

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