Flywheel record sale fundraiser

Flywheel record sale fundraiser, originally uploaded by CDFI.

We took a minifield trip to the record sale fundraiser for the Flywheel in Easthampton, MA at Eastworks.

The Flywheel is currently trying to make renovations on a building they have moved in to, and need to complete the renovations soon before rent costs kick in–they need to open their new space fast to have shows, otherwise they won’t have dinero to pay the bills.

So we checked out their record sale, grabbed some discs, listened to Thurston Moore play distorted saxophone records, and then hopped over to Northampton to have lunch.

I’ve only hung out in Northampton once previous. We were really amazed at how much street traffic they have for not necessarily having a large population. But it seems a lot of people come into town from surrounding regions and spend the day shopping, ice creaming, and coffee-ing. There are a lot of colleges in that area, and that must boost social and economic life a lot. Albany would probably see a lot of the same benefits if their commerce areas were more centrally located, as opposed to being spread out amongst suburban malls, minimalls (Stuyvestant Plaza), and having Troy/Albany/Schenectady relatively separated from each other. If Jay Street, Lark Street, and River Street all occupied the same one mile radius, we might have a ton more foot traffic, and that would bring in all sorts of cool things–maybe even street vendors…yesss!


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