I am not above begging

SOS! (((please forward email to anyone you think can help)))
The Capital District Federation of Ideas (CDFi) is in desperate need of financial assistance.  We need 1100$ as soon as possible.  We are $400+ short on last month’s rent, and as of April 5th we will owe $625 more. 

As we are a 100% donation-based organization, and we never turn people away due to lack of funds for admission, we have been having trouble making our rent. Our landlord has given us notice that if we do not pay March and April rent (we are a month behind in rent, currently) he will evict us from our gallery space, POINT 5, at  383.5 Madison Ave .
The CDFi is a 501(c)(3) charity organization that seeks to promote social, creative and intellectual projects in the Capital District. We are a First Friday participant and host nearly weekly performances from local bands. Many artists who would not normally have access to a space to display or perform their art find a friendly and safe place to grow. We encourage open discussion, tolerance, and community service. We actively engage in bettering the community and we help out our neighbors.
Here are some recent success stories the CDFI was involved in:
  1. The CDFI raised over $500 in cash and much more in donations to the fire victims of  598 Madison Ave.  We hosted a potluck where members of the community came to show support for those who lost everything right before the Holiday Season.
  2. People have hosted many free films at POINT 5–both for children and adults.
  3. We participate in First Friday and provide a venue for seasoned and unknown artists alike to showcase their work.
  4. We work with The Rev Records, a local  Albany  record company, to produce the Following Friday concert series that showcases local musicians the second Friday of every month.
  5. We provide a book share, free clothing swap, and free internet in POINT 5. We occupy an otherwise empty space and care for the storefront.
Please, we know that times are tough and there are plenty of worthy organizations to give to. The CDFI doesn’t want to lose POINT 5 which is so integral to our identity. It’s our home and the place of so many happy memories. Don’t let us get evicted. Any little bit can and will help. You will be our own personal heroes.

You can make a secure PayPal donation here:

Or you can send a check or well-concealed cash to:
383.5 Madison Avenue
Albany, NY 12210

You should keep records of any funds donated.  You can write the amounts off on your taxes.  

AND if you represent a business let us know.  If you make a donation we will link your business on our website.


Ellie B.
Soldier of Fortune, CDFI 
Master Cutologist
“Ellie is the new black.” – InStyle Magazine


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