Notes on a snowstorm

I can’t wait until spring comes to the Capital District. I moved to Troy in March last year from the belly of the state, and last spring was perhaps the best season in my life. Albany in the spring and summer is a pretty wonderful place with a great number of cultural things going on at any given time. The sun stays out late so its easy to take a walk in the park with an ice cream cone or go for a bike ride in the Corning Preserve after a long day at work. Outdoor concerts and festivals and parades. Plays in the park.

Right now its not spring. It’s too dark to take a photo of it, but there’s something frozen falling out of the sky. I don’t like it one bit. I want to start a small garden and run through a sprinkler. My budgies would like to sniff fresh air and see the wind rustle leaves on trees.

But winter has its charm – boardgames with budgies as the pieces, wine and fireplaces and CDFI events. Like Monday – totally cool acoustic set. And there are spelling bees and potlucks and First Fridays to look forward to as we race towards spring.

What are you excited for this spring?


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