Coffee Camp.

I hereby declare that Monday night study hall be renamed “Coffee Camp.”  It feels more like a camp during that span of time rather than a study hall.  There are minimeetings going on, errands, tasks, and general camp and tactical operations happening.  And we should have free coffee.  I will make it.

I’ve been reading this book by William T. Vollmann called _The Royal Family_ and in the final part of the book the main character finds himself in this homeless encampment along the shore of the Sacramento River.  After two ill-fated lovers disappear from his life he becomes homeless himself, having given himself up to follow a band of prostitutes around in San Francisco.  He now finds himself at “Coffee Camp,” where they never actually have coffee, (but they will boil some leaves if you’d like), but he has somehow come to the end of this weird chapter in his life.

Here, at Coffee Camp, even for an eyeblink of time, he has found some momentary clearing of space where he can now plan ahead.  So, come over Mondays between 8 – 11 and sit with the Coffee Camp.


One Response

  1. The smoking meth and crack parts near the end, out in Slab City, are better.

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