Financial Plans and more planz.

We are going to attempt to take a loan from the Capital District Community Loan Fund to pay our rent for a year while we apply and wait for grant monies to come rolling in.  This way we won’t have to come up with wacky games to pay the rent each month.  I love wacky games more than anyone, let me tell you, but they sure get exhausting if they’re not happening purely out of the love and spontaneity of being wacky.

In other news, daylight savings time springs upon us this weekend and the Earth will be flying further out of whack as time is altered!


2 Responses

  1. Why not ask people in the group to make donations? Something like… as little as 5$ or more. Small, but a significant contribution. I’m sure if the people who come are truely interested in the group they might be willing to help.
    From The Newbie

  2. Merci. I forgot how to say “I forgot that the clocks were changing” in French.

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