We are the body that rocks the party

As Soldier of Fortune, I see no ships for plundering and no lands to seize. In short, we need cash and we need it fast. So we’re going to do a fundraiser so that our landlord doesn’t come after Thomas and Mike with unseemly weapons of maiming distruction (WMD).  Or just change the locks on us.  Or plot our ultimate demise in some embarassing and public fashion.

What: Emergency Rent Dance Party

When: Saturday at 10pm

Where: POINT 5

DJ Kellan Scott is going to be there and he will be playing music all night long. We will be selling drinks for cash. Think of it as a cash bar. The goal of all of this is to raise a ba-jillion dollars so we can pay off all our debts. That’s all I can promise you for sure.

I will also promise you: Felix, Jia Jia love, breakfast after an insane night of love-making, the stars and the moon, a good hour of therapy without the co-pay, finding your lost earring and of course, the satisfaction of finding a good party on a cold winter night. I can’t promise I can deliver on this promises. But I will promise to promise than I can.

Put on your dancing shoes; I promise you’ll have a good time.


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