Another Albany breakfast. Men’s Studies. Beard Studies.

Albany breakfast., originally uploaded by CDFI.

Eggs: Price chopper. Cageless, organic, brown, typical ($3 a dozen). Bread: wheat, mid-range, pre-sliced ($1.29 a loaf). Peaches: currently on sale at Price Chopper. Imported. Had to cut the top off because it was already getting mushy. Do I appreciate it when fruit goes bad quickly because it seems like there are less preservatives in it? Yes. Are there actually less preservatives in it? Aren’t growing methods so genetically engineered and altered that they are far beyond any state of “natural”? Probably yes.

send us pictures of your Capital District breakfastsseses: cdf at federationofideas dot net.


Men’s Studies
We had the beginning of a meeting of a new group to discuss masculinity and privilege. The next meeting for this group will be on March 11th. I’ll write more about it later!

Federation of Beards!
A new grouping of beards is getting together. If you’re interested in competitive facial hair growing, email nancyboy at amazingplaid dot com.


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  1. Your breakfasts look infinately better than the nothing I eat most mornings. A Great One from Dunkies is not as photogenic.

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