There is not enough coffee in the world

I am becoming hyper addicted to Dunkies coffee, light and sweet. My waistline approves little of this trend but I cannot function without two mediums. One on my drive to work and one for the first hour of my shift. I switch to black tea, strong, with no additives for the rest of the day. Glycemic index, shemdex.

There are plenty of coming events you should know about:

  1. Tonight: Butch Jamie 7pm @ POINT 5
    Butch Jamie is a quirky, gender-bending comedy about an out-of-work lesbian actor willing to try almost anything for a role. Dressing up as “Femme Jamie” for auditions, struggling actress Jamie Klein (writer/director Michelle Ehlen) continually faces rejection as she fails to be a typical leading lady. Spurred on by her roommate Lola’s (Olivia Nix) successful cat actor, Jamie decides to take a different approach and audition as herself – aka “Butch Jamie.” This ends up landing her a part as a man, and despite the offense that she takes in being offered a male role, she accepts. After transforming herself into “Male Jamie,” Jamie’s bitterness subsides as she starts to have fun gallavanting as her male alter-ego. The plot thickens as Jamie unintentionally peaks the interests of Jill (Tiffany Anne Carrin), a sexy yet straight woman on set.
  2. Saturday: Thomas, Mike, Heather and Bryan are performing at Valentine’s. Other bands will be there.
  3. Monday: Men’s Study Group
    This group will examine the politics of privilege and identity associated with “maleness.” This will be the first meeting of a men’s studies group that will meet each month. We will discuss the format of the group, but it will likely have monthly readings and lived experiences to discuss. All are welcome to attend.
  4. Wednesday: We can has a meeting.
  5. Thursday: JASON MARTIN SOLO SHOW!!!!!!!

2 Responses

  1. there will also be a gathering for the beard and moustache society at the same time as man studying

  2. man study and beard study!

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