Notes on knitting.

This Thursday we are having another installation of KNIT, DON’T QUIT.  Because there’s a lot of quitting going on.  There are definitely some things that are good to quit.  Knitting shouldn’t be one of them.  (JAN 31, 7 PM, 383.5 Madison = KNIT, DON’t (evah) QUIT.)

Last night Matt and Alex came over for SILENT STUDY HALL (Monday nights 9 – midnight).  It was quite cozy and nearly almost quiet.

Thoughts on future.  POINT 5 needs a major make-over.  The bookshelves definitely need some new color and we need to wash the couches and BIG PINK CHAIR.  The windows need to be re-prettied by the SMOOTH MOVES DANCE this Friday and I need to put this table up in the back.

Our shop is  If you want to add stuff to it, let us know.


7 Responses

  1. How late will the knitting go? I have to work til 8 and then take a bus downtown.

  2. I’m going to guarantee 9 PM and 10 PM is pretty likely as well. I don’t know how late everyone else will be staying, but I will be there til 10.

  3. will Jia-Jia be there?
    he’s my long-lost cousin.

  4. Ok – I’ll definitely show up then, probably around 8:45 or so. Thanks for organizing this!

  5. jia-jia had better be there or he won’t be allowed to wear the wig anymore

  6. Eeek! I’m going between fevers and chills today – I’d hate to pass this along to anyone at cdfi.

    So….I’ll not be showing tonight, gosh darn it!
    [weakly stamping foot]

  7. it’s OK. it was a great knit-don’t-quit, though. i completed some of my first ever knits!

    we’ll be doing this again next Thursday we decided because it was so much fun. 7 pm til about 10!

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