Events for week of 1/21/08

What’s going on this week?

 Wednesday: Come to a CDFI meeting at 7:30pm! We meet every Wednesday at POINT 5 and plan events, discuss how we’re going to pay the rent and get ideas of what people want the CDFI to do. Neighbors, come and join us. We love to get fresh and fierce opinions.

Friday: There will be bands playing at Valentine’s. We will be rocking the casbah. It will be Heather’s birthday. Everyone should get her cat goodies for her Cucumber.

Caturday: Children’s movie night! Bring your parents. 🙂


3 Responses

  1. What’s showing at children’s movie night?

  2. I have posted info on the mainpage, but there’s more info on the calendar! Werd!!

  3. it’s Interstella 5555 and Jamie just said she will be showing another animated short at the beginning; don’t know what it is yet

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