Notes on a CDR Label.

Just talked to Scotty and the idea keeps coming up to have a CDR label. Making CDRs quickly and cheaply to promote local music. Promote nearly any music you think other people need to hear. We PCs in POINT 5 to duplicate discs, maybe grab a CD screen printer, and in a weekend you could make 100 discs. Might put a good shot into Albany music. It would hopefully suck a lot of local musikers in, as who wouldn’t want to get involved? We should definitely start with Scotty’s music–you could pass out his party mixes to nearly anyone and they could find something in it they liked. You could wash the dishes or dance with 100 people to the mashups and mixes he makes, so let’s make 100 copies and pass them out and see where it goes.


2 Responses

  1. Hey. Have you gotten any feedback on this idea? I have been thinking of doing the same thing in New Orleans.

  2. Yes and no. I personally would be willing to put a good amount of effort into this project, but so far we haven’t had discussions with any artists to make CDR reproductions of. Personally I kinda wanted to avoid certain niche genres that only white hipster kids would be interested in. For instance, DJ Kellan/Scotty, subject of the post above would make DJ mixes and would probably be something that many types of people (obviously still a niche crowd, but hopefully a wider niche) would enjoy and find accessible…

    ….I dunno, I’m not necessarily getting too hung up on genres, but I guess I just need another person to say, HEY I’m interested in this project….maybe you could be that person?

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