What are you doing this Friday night?

If the answer is nothing, come over and dance with us. 

One thing: ALCOHOL absolutely not one bit allowed and Tofu is so very, very serious. She’ll be sniffing everyone’s bag to make sure that they haven’t snuck any Miller Highlife in.It’s winter and there’s snow everywhere again. Tofu says that we don’t have to take it. SRLY, there’s snow everywhere. It is once again on the top of my car and I’m not getting a broom to clean it off. No. Instead, I am going to dance. Why be bored on a Friday night, too cold to go out? Why spend Friday night with your couch? No one has to be bored sedentary miserable sore sad or covered with cold winter dust. This is a no-frills dance happening. Someone will play music on the stereo, probably off a computer or something, and you will dance. Simple and powerful. You can danse in the windows you can paint your face and wear mismatching shoes or wear nametags that’s fine. Just one thing: no alcohol goes in POINT 5 this night!



If you want, you can even pose for myspace photos. Don’t care. There will be serious hanging out.THOMAS WANTS TO MAKE FROOT SMOOTHIES before this event happens. Anyone want to help? (Mango and yogart smoothies are so the yums.)


Oh, the event is free, but if you would like to feed a poor, homeless Phil, rumor has it that it’s birthday.


(PS: Thanks to Thomas’s facebook entry for this event. I totally did some plagorism. W00t!!)


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